An experience of the Nurburgring


After another of our group returned from our “Nurburgring Drivers Experience” we received the following letter.
We don’t often publish this sort of thing, but we thought you might like to know how our customers got on:

Dear Richard and Ben,

Just a quick note to thank you for our Nurburgring Experience this weekend.
As you would have been aware the experience was a gift to me from my wife Anne, after she decided to treat me to a trip where I could take my Austin Healey around the Nordschleife.

The help and advice your company gave me right from the outset was invaluable; as my choice of car for the event was a 1964 Austin Healey 3000, I was delighted with the enthusiasm you expressed at me choosing to bring a more aged vehicle; especially as we were to be by far the oldest and potentially slowest on the event that weekend.

The trip through Europe to the hotel was a real pleasure, your recommended choice of route was excellent; particularly when I compare it to the Satnav route I chose to follow on the return home! We did take the opportunity of stopping at Monschau as advised; it was a beautiful small town tucked out of the way and the perfect place for a bite to eat and a stretch of the legs for an hour or so.

As we neared close to the Nordschleife at 5.30 on the Friday evening, we took the opportunity to call in and see the track. Once there the atmosphere was so electric and contagious we could not resist the chance of taking the Healey around the famed 20km. The blast around the Nordschleife will go down on my list of “must things to do” for anyone with even a drop of petrol in their blood. With the roof down and Anne shrieking words of encouragement beside me, we flew around the track with all my dreams of racing glory coming true around me, albeit we were overtaken by every Porsche, BMW and motorbike in the Eifel region it was still a wonderful experience.

Once we had calmed down and reduced the size of the ecstatic smiles on our faces, we made our way to the hotel.
This was such a good choice, set in a beautiful location away from the hustle and bustle of the day. It was great to feel that we were staying in a family run German hotel as opposed the standard branded hotel that we all know from our trips to any major town or city.

As I had now completed all my personal goals for the weekend; a pleasant drive through three countries, lunch in a beautiful old town, dinner with a few beers in nice hotel and most importantly a first lap of the Nordschleife, I was totally open minded as to how the rest of the trip could go.

But please may I thank both of you for the organisation and the Nurburgring for providing a truly amazing day on the Saturday, the skid pan training and road exercises were brilliant. This day was way beyond my expectations, the level of tuition by Wolfgang Kauffman our instructor for the day was suburb. The endless encouragement and enthusiasm put into the day’s activities was above and beyond anything I have experienced in the UK. The day was perfectly split into the differing activities and was the perfect match of being both hugely informative; learning the capabilities of your own cars performance and handling, as well as being above all else massively good entertainment. To have the opportunity to push my both myself and car to the limits and above in such a well set up safe environment was tremendous. Please pass on our thanks to Wolfgang, the attention he gave to each car was exceptional and his advice and witty remarks helped make for a wonderful day.

Your company and humour on the Saturday evening made the tour dinner go with suitable aplomb and the hotel’s service and food where to a very high standard. The Sunday’s tour of the Jaguar  Test Centre was a nice end to the weekend with the lap of the Nordschleife in the hands of their test driver being a truly awe inspiring and humbling experience. Your efforts at ensuring that we got back to our car in order for us to make a reasonably timed get away were much appreciated.

Once again may I thank you both for a fantastic trip to Nurburgring, which I shall be recommending to everyone as an absolutely unmissable experience in whatever car you may have.

Many Thanks

David and Anne Jones

If you would like to experience a weekend at the Nurburgring please call us on (0844) 873 0203. Due to the amount of one to one tuition given spaces are strictly limited, so please book early to avoid disappointement.